Sunday, July 24, 2011

The manifesto - I

There are three main pillars to my theory for a better world.
1. scale_ Towards smallness, decentralization
2. Pace of change_ towards slowness, towards change whose effects we know with sufficient certainty and the change instigator is not removed from the effect.
3. Cause effect cognizance_ Towards greater empathy. and towards greater understanding of how is an individual affecting the lives around him/her

This is not an absolute model for a better world. Its reactionary. What this means is that, given today's condition, this is the direction we should work on to leave a better world for our future generation. When I say its not absolute, it means that I don't know if it would be a good idea in any other time/ reality. This model assumes certain structural changes that technology has brought on. So when i say smallness, I am not talking about the secret island of your fantasies. (your fantasy is so last century :P ) Internet, railroads, cheap air flights.. we are connected and how! So to be in a small enough world to be empathetic to all that is around us redefines the way we see the words 'small, change, empathy'.
The language of this model is not that of control as is with most things modern. Circumstances are not to be viewed through the prism of containment, control or ownership. They are rather to be viewed through the hallmark view that digital ecology created - the vision of co-creation, co-existence, and equality. So this means that an individual does not strive to control anything other than his own reality. But he may contribute and help outwards.

There is another condition that affects our collective behavior though and that needs to be considered here as well. Lets call it the 'condition of lowest common denominator'. This condition sort of explains why we chose the path of least resistance, why trashy movies are biggest hits, why so many talented people work on wall street and screw the economy by not lending their skills to entrepreneurship, engineering, sciences, arts and so on. Will expand on it later. 

to be continued... :)

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